Özil Affair has hurt society immensely…

The Özil Affair has hurt society immensely. The consequences are hard to miss. One of the main culprits is DFB President Grindel. But also Mesut Özil
even blame for the escalation, says our columnist Lamya kaddor.

Much of what Mesut Özil writes is true. Too many people have used the photo of him and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to express their sheer racism and anti-Turkish sentiments. Especially against this background, it is shameful and bungling, how the German Football Association (DFB) dealt with this process, especially after the shame of the preliminary round-off in Russia.

A huge mortgage for the future integration efforts in our country, which you have to blame DFB President Reinhard Grindel. An indictment.
Özil is very bad advice
And yet I have a problem with Mesut Özil’s attitude that Erdogan is the president of his parents’ home. This unreflective statement shows little political interest and intuition. Özil hides behind his mother, who told him not to forget his origins. My family taught me the same thing. Presumably, all parents will give their children this on the way.

However, Erdogan is no longer a head of state (at least for the past five years), but one suffering tens of thousands of Turks, and Mesut Özil is not just any German citizen. He is no longer the little boy from Gelsenkirchen, but a media professional of international proportions and a symbol.

He could have just apologized for the appointment with Erdogan and nothing had happened. That he finds in the three parts of his unusual explanation no place for a little self-reflection, is as incomprehensible as tragic. Mesut Özil is obviously very bad advice. He should have explained much earlier and had to admit that the Erdogan meeting was at least unhappy. That would have given his actual message on the racism problem in Germany a much greater and more effective impact.

Özil has always been the target of criticism, hatred and ridicule
So he has made his contribution to the PR disaster – not only in their own right. Through his long silence, he has given all those who know about racism in Germany, nothing to the hand to be able to jump right from the start and to expose a large part of the criticism of him as baiting. He has also all his potential defenders accumulate.

After all, it has been possible for years to see how the rage bladder, which has now burst, has dammed in it. Özil in the national jersey has always been the target of excessive criticism, hatred and ridicule – this is also a result of decades of many cultivated aversion initially against Turks and later against Muslims.

Grindel has to leave office
If now the editor-in-chief of the “Bild” newspaper, Julian Reichelt, Mesut Özil just assumed a “self-stylization as victims of racism”, then this lack of respect is exactly what millions of people, especially with Turkish migrant background in Germany for decades refer to: their suffering not taken seriously.

But how is it going now? The largest national sports federation in the world with its own integration officer knows all this drama, yet he has revealed Özil. Much work now needs to be done on the DFB, but also on politics and society as a whole, in order to whip up the gigantic shambles of integration work.

First of all, this means that Grindel now gives his office, he is responsible and he himself has Özil with his statements after the World Cup of the pack to the food. How should young footballers in an immigration society under someone like him otherwise confess to the German national team?


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