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Due to drought, there are fewer mosquitoes

Due to the ongoing drought, according to experts, this year is significantly less
Mosquitoes in Germany on the way.

“At the moment there are virtually no mosquitoes,” said the biologist Dirk Reichle of the community action group to combat the Schnakeplage  the “Südkurier” (Saturday). Mosquitoes are also called Schnaken in southern Germany. “In mid-June, the Rhine had reached a high-water level, since then there is more or less drought.” The breeding sites, for example, on the Upper Rhine are “bone dry” so to speak.

After numerous rainfall at the start of the year, experts had initially expected a mosquito-rich season. Reichle emphasized: “This year is expected to be rather poor in the mosquito.

In addition to the house mosquito has spread according to the experts in Germany, the Asian tiger mosquito. The insect can transmit dangerous viruses. This includes dengue fever – a high fever disease, headache and body aches that can be fatal.
For the first time, the heat-loving Asian tiger mosquito was found at the end of September 2007 at a rest area of ​​the Autobahn 5 near Weil am Rhein (Baden-Württemberg).

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