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DC leader insults Trump after wiping out of military procession

President Donald Trump tried to cast point the finger at Friday for the wiping out of his arranged military procession on Washington city board authorities, saying they had expanded the cost.

Not long after the President tweeted, Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser guaranteed she “got through” to Trump about expenses for the motorcade, which at one point was computed to keep running about $12 million however later gauges said could keep running as high as $92 million when Trump dropped the occasion.

“The nearby lawmakers who run Washington, D.C. (ineffectively) know a bonus when they see it. At the point when approached to give us a cost for holding an awesome celebratory military motorcade, they needed a number so strangely high that I dropped it,” Trump tweeted Friday morning.

A second official said the costs covered by the military were about $50 million.
It is still not clear what other expenses brought the total estimated cost for the parade to $92 million.

Defense Secretary James Mattis on Thursday said that the reports of a $92 million tab were inaccurate and that he has “received no such estimate.” Officials told CNN that Mattis had not yet been briefed on the latest cost estimates when he made his comments, noting that the costs could still change as no final decisions about what units, equipment and personnel would take part.

Trump had said back in February that a military parade in Washington would be “great for the spirit of the country,” but would need to come at a “reasonable cost.”

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